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How it Works

  • STEP 01 - Download

    Get the free MOTTAINAI app from the AppStore or GooglePlay on your Smartphone or desktop.

  • STEP 02 - Create an account

    Open the app to create your account and that allows you to set up your direct payment, understand your waste and recycling collection schedule and the make-up of your trash.

  • STEP 03 - Let Us Handle the Rest

    Once you submit your order, we’ll handle the rest. We manage competitive bids from hundreds of independent waste haulers in the MOTTAINAI network to get you the best deal on your trash and recycling. Our platform provides options for On-demand or Scheduled pick-ups.

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Mottainai on AppStore

Mottainai Method

waste & recycling
for a smarter HOME

Mottainai believe that starting a home recycling initiative and using our quality and user-friendly recycle bins, will ensure that your recyclables are not contaminated, and as a result, you will improve your recycling rate and send less waste to Landfill.

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waste & recycling
for smarter business

Mottainai provides affordable waste and recycling solutions for businesses seeking a smarter, sustainable alternative.

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Drive and earn good money with MOTTAINAI Tricycles and Mini-trucks.

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waste & recycling

Be an early investor in MOTTAINAI FLEET (Tricycles and Mini-Trucks), and not just make a great return on that investment, but help in creating more jobs in the waste management sector and improve quality of lives,

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The collected recyclables by our independent waste haulers are sold, either on-demand or scheduled drops-off, to manufacturing/recycling plants that use the items as raw materials for the production of a wide range of items.

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