We have all been there

  • From the disappearance of trucks for a few hours through diversion by the operations personnels
  • To not being able to schedule services and have it monitored and tracked
  • To the breakdown of vehicles and getting stuck in traffic
  • To inability to manage all customer and operational data at once
  • To multiple customers coming all the way to pay bills and lay complaints at the office with heavy faces.

All these lead to the loss of revenue, customers, records, time and the wearout of the operational fleet. Kiss those days goodbye!

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  • Mottainai Connect is the membership-only program available to haulers providing waste and recycling services on behalf of Mottainai.
  • Program members have access to Mottainai proprietary technology and get the optimal driving route in real-time to reduce idle time and fuel burn.

Mottainai Connect will put you straight and make your experience smarter, close loopholes, optimise your routes and make more revenue on your waste management operations

Mottainai Connect Features

Real-time operational insight

Real-time operational insight

On-demand Pickup Request


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