• Recycling is not (just) about separating your waste between different groups. It’s about education. It’s about doing the right thing. It’s about showing that you are aware of our 21st Century issues, and you want to do something about it. And MOTTAINAI helps you on this journey.
  • We believe that starting a home recycling initiative and using our quality and user-friendly recycle bins, will ensure that your recyclables are not contaminated, and as a result, you will improve your recycling rate and send less waste to Landfill.
  • Our Sustainability Analysts will educate you on how to sort or separate your household waste.


  • Our Corporate/Business waste collection program is targeted at commercial firms, financial institutions, hotels, retails stores, religious organizations, event centers, educational institutions, property management, healthcare institutions and government establishments.
  • When organizations choose MOTTAINAI as their waste and recycling partner, their business could save enormous costs on the garbage bills up to 35% and in addition help them focus on the “opportunities to recycle” meant to be as easy and convenient as possible. We also provide consulting services to groups interested in waste-to-wealth enterprises, sustainable development, and social impact projects.


  • No lock-in contracts.No hidden costs.Place Pickup Request on the go.
  • What it takes: Download the MOTTAINAI App. Select the items you want picked up and attach any additional information such as a photo or note. We also give you the option to set a target pickup time that’s convenient for you. Seamless Service in 24 hours or less.
  • Once you submit your order, we’ll handle the rest. We send a notification once your pick up is complete, ensuring that you’re informed every step of the way.

INDEPENDENT WASTE HAULERS A network built for efficiency

  • Drive and earn good money with MOTTAINAI Tricycles and Mini-trucks.
  • Our independent waste haulers is the membership-only program available to haulers providing waste and recycling services on behalf of MOTTAINAI. Program members have access to MOTTAINAI proprietary technology and get the optimal driving route in real-time to reduce idle time and fuel burn.
  • Points are allocated based on a Points Earning Wallet where quantity of items are equated to the amount of points earned and are redeemed with cash every month.


  • Designed to be convenient for the end user, we have adopted strategies that ensure recyclables collected directly from post-consumers are very neat materials that have not been co-mingled with dirt. This adds huge value in the recycling process as it reduces the cost of washing, assures better quality material free from contaminants and provides direct and easy access to adequate supply of quality.
  • The collected recyclables by our independent waste haulers are sold, either on-demand or scheduled drops-off, to manufacturing/recycling plants that use the items as raw materials for the production of a wide range of items. Also the end users can get recyclables directly from the waste generators by subscribing to our Independent waste haulers network.


  • Be an early investor in MOTTAINAI FLEET (Tricycles and Mini-Trucks), and not just make a great return on that investment, but help in creating more jobs in the waste management sector and improve quality of lives, reduce the amount of waste going to the Landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emission by 71% and assist in improving the aesthetic of the environment.