The Mottainai Recycling Ambassador Program is a Pan African workshop/platform for sustainability enthusiast with a passion for ensuring as much waste is kept out of the landfill as possible and knowing how to dispose of different kinds of waste properly.

Not everyone who lives in the city is aware that they can start recycling at home. it is aimed at African "sustainability advocates/enthusiast" who are excited to learn about waste characterisation, recycling, climate change and the value of waste. Our Ambassadors are trained through training workshops to gain a better understanding of waste, recycling and general waste reduction measures. Ambassadors engage fellow residents and their online community through education waste and recycling initiatives to help inspire their community to reuse, reduce and recycle waste in a bid to reduce what is headed to the landfill.


This program was curated by Mottainai Recycling in a bid to encourage Peer to Peer education and awareness generation about the importance and necessity of proper waste management and recycling strategies. it is also geared towards individuals, families, Corporate Entities and Government alike. The program embodies workshop training and certification and takes a neighbour helping neighbour approach in supporting, engaging and building others in their waste diversion and reduction knowledge.


Upon registration, Participants take part in a training workshop which provides in-depth knowledge of the rudiments of waste, its management, characterizations, recycling and climate change and ways to reduce or minimize carbon footprint leading to a more sustainable environment.

On completion of the workshop, Certificates of Completion are issued to the participants alongside resources to help them initiate recycling projects in their locality/region, Participants also have the option of joining in the Mottainai Recycling Pre-Launch Ambassador Program to amplify the knowledge gained and also partner with Mottainai Recycling in the introduction and adoption of the Mottainai Recycling in the introduction and adoption of the Mottainai Africa platform.


There is no restriction to involvement of any individual as we believe awareness can be developed early. However, we are currently accepting 100 applicants per country and can be from age of 13 upwards. it is important to emphasize that prior experience is not mandatory but is not discounted where it exists.

The Mottainai Recycling Ambassador program is open to participants across the African continent who are interested in promoting sustainable practices.


Beyond promoting the reduction of carbon footprint generation, fighting waste and air pollution through education and outreach, Recycling Ambassadors also stand the chance to take part in new waste diversion or regional education campaigns.

Involvement and participation in the Mottainai Recycling Ambassador Program furthers the establishment and positioning of industry influencers and thought leaders who would champion the message and cause of sustainability and the various means to contribute to a truly sustainable environment


Upon the completion of a successful training exercise, participants are issued with certificates of completion and are given the option to join the Pre-Launch Recycling program. This entities the Ambassadors get first dibs on the introduction of the Mottainai Recycling Platform to said region.

The Ambassadors who join the Pre-Launch program would be Mottainai influencers and would help create awareness about relevance of the platform in their respective regions. The Ambassadors would be the arbiters and beneficiaries of the initial launch of the platform in their regions while enjoying mouth-watering rewards.

You can sign up HERE to join the Ambassador Training and start your journey to becoming a Mottainai Recycling Ambassador!

You can also contact us via email at for more information.

Become an Ambassador

It is so easy to join the community! Simply complete the registration form indicating participatory interest.

Once your application is approved, an acceptance notification is sent out and successful participants would have the opportunity to select a suitable training date/time.

The timing of the training is flexible and dependent on availability of the Participant and the training experts