Resource Generators

A Resource Generator refers to any entity - Individual or Company who produces or generates various forms of waste materials that can be recycled.

Recyclables are items disposed off as trash but can be converted or turned into other valuable and useful items. An example of this is your plastic bottles which can be converted into clothes, shoes, carpets etc.
Mottainai is an on-demand recyclables collection platform that operates through our highly optimized logistics system to collect and process recyclable materials in real time upon request from our generators. Our platform which is available via mobile and web platforms are highly simplified and easy to use. We follow the model - SCHEDULE REQUEST - MOTTAINAI PICKUP. Pretty Easy!!
Yes! Mottainai Africa is licensed by the Lagos Waste Management Authority to offer recycling services in the State. This is in fulfillment of the mandate of a Cleaner Lagos which is paramount on the State Government’s THEMEs objectives.
The benefits of joining Mottainai Africa are very attractive!We do not only collect your recyclable materials but we also offer you the opportunity to make some money from them. At Mottainai, we believe that Waste is not really a waste and it has the capacity to generate additional value for you!
There is no special requirement to qualify as a Resource Generator. Everyone is a Resource Generator as long as you have recyclable materials you no longer need which can be converted for other purposes. 
Keep recycling with us and follow us on social media @mottainairecycling for regular tips on indoor and outdoor waste management.
At this time, the materials that can be recycled are:
  • Plastics - Plastic Bottles, Dispenser Bottles, Jerry Cans, Plastic Buckets, Electrical Pipe materials etc.  
  • Organics - These are food waste which are converted into compost and serve as fertilizer.
  • Paper - This includes Newspapers, Cardboard Boxes, Cereal Boxes, Books, Envelopes, Magazines, Juice and Milk Cartons etc.
  • Metals - This includes your Aluminium Drink Cans
  • Glass - This includes your glass jars, Wine and Drink bottles etc
Following all regulations, the easiest way is for everyone to follow the waste hierarchy in order to REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE and RECOVER. Also Mottainai Recycling want to improve on its treatment of waste and how much recycling we achieve.


This is so easy! The first step is to download the Mottainai App on your Apple Store or your Google Play Store and create an account on the App. Once you have created your account, you can schedule your request for pick up of your recyclable items. Once the items have been collected, your Mottainai Wallet is credited with Pay Points which can be converted to cash! 
Your Mottainai Pay Points are valuable for several purposes:
  • Utility Bill Payments - You can use your points to pay your waste bills.
  • Charity Donations - You can donate to your favourite charity/goodwill causes
  • Transfer to Bank - You can convert your points into cash and transfer the funds to your preferred bank account
  • Online Transactions - You will be issued a virtual card to enable you conduct online transactions via your Mottainai Wallet.
An alternative to our Digital Platform is our Smart Hubs! Our Smart Hubs are strategically located so that recyclables can be deposited by our Customers/Generators at their convenience. Our Smart Hubs are equipped with facilities to enable you drop off your recyclables, earn the points allocated and cash out with relative ease.
This is a great question! At the point of collection either at your address or our Smart Hubs, we have provided scales which give the weight of the items and the point value of the items are reflected in your account. The point value system are explained in more detail HERE
We have Recyclable Bags which are appropriately labelled which would enable easy sorting and separation of recyclable materials. You can reach out to us for information about the Bags.
The frequency of pick up is determined by the frequency of orders placed on the platform 
You can reach via telephone on ………………. For general enquiries and Information, you can send us an email at info@mottainai.africa. For issues with our Platform, you can send us an email at support@mottainai.com